3 de março de 2014


Dark Color "Revolutions"


Speaking about the United States, the great leader of the Cuban Independence, José Martí, said once: "I know the monster because I had lived inside its guts". Based on this comment − which took place in the second half of the 19th century − we might understand how the American interference in Latin America dates back to such a long time.

During the 20th century the US did even worse than during Spanish-Cuban War: they toppled dozen of elected governments − from Guatemala, in 1954, to the most recent case of Paraguay, in 2012 − besides supporting lots of dictatorships like that of Sargent Fulgencio Batista – who took over the power in Cuba aboard an American warship – and the clan of the Somozas, in Nicaragua, to the Brazilian and Argentinian generals, and in addition shot Allende, Omar Torrijos, sacked the natural resources of many countries, etc.

Right now, they have just overthrown an elected government in Ukraine and I suspect that although they have enjoyed some support from the population to do so they will do business as usual: to oppress, destroy and annihilate all kinds of dissent whenever they happen. Bad for the people of Ukraine but also bad for Europe which, from now on, will be able to know the worst of the US, fact that we have been experiencing since the 19th century. In this sense, we may understand how the inhabitants of Eastern countries feel today because Russia has probably done the same.

As a Brazilian I of course am aware of what the Americans and his puppets have done for almost a century to Latin America, and understand perfectly well what the American and his European puppets are doing right now to Ukraine. Even now in Brazil we are suffering what those sinister "black blocs" are performing in the country, probably paid by the Americans as it is happening with most protesters in Ukraine who have received US$50 a day for performing barbaric acts of violence.

For those who like myself  have watched a dozen of videos showing armed groups bombing public buildings, those events don’t characterize as a popular uprising and are even far from what a revolution is: what we saw were not single and isolated hordes but an organized thug of war aimed at destabilizing an elected government.

In case you haven't seen them, you can follow this link.

As for the Russians, what needs to be said is that since the fall of Soviet Union, the Russian Federation has adopted a different approach, and is now the real balanced force that is averting many mad American military adventures, as has just happened in Syria when the interference of Vladimir Putin and his Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov impeached − at least, for the time being − the destruction of the only secular Arab country.

So far, Russia has not attacked or invaded any country, with the exception of Georgia, where everybody knows, a Peace Mission of United Nations which included many Russians was murdered under the orders of another American puppet. For sure, the same cannot be said of the United States which, since the Gulf War, has invaded Yugoslavia, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq for the second time, and Libya, without mentioning a far number of covert destabilizing operations against countries which refuse to surrender.

The same goes also for Spain, Portugal, Belgium, The Netherlands, Italy, and Germany that have colonized large or small parts of the world, in some cases for centuries ahead. What comes out is that, with their historical background, neither Europe nor the US can talk about democracy and teach lessons to Ukraine or Russia.

So nasty is the American and NATO power today that a lot of people start to question what is really worse: the Stalinist era or the post-Stalinist neocon rule under the aegis of the "Axis of the Evil" − United States, Israel, and Saudi Arabia.

For those reasons, many Latin American citizens are now saluting the upcoming arrival of Russians in the region, where – they hope – its military bases might protect us from Obama and his mercenaries.

This is why, as a Brazilian, I may say like the great Cuban poet Martí: “I know the monster...”  (March 3rd, 2014)


Sérvulo Siqueira