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Maranduba Abaré


From the ancient monuments, built by the Celts 5,000 years ago, to street protests in Barcelona today, Maranduba Abaré travels through both time and space to tell the story of Western Civilization from the viewpoint of European Culture.

Made up of 8 parts in 15 chapters, these Memoirs of Antônio Peres – a character inspired by the renowned personal secretary of Felipe II, King of Spain in the XVIth century – capture the images, and reflect upon the disappearance of the Medieval World. So too, on the continuous existence of consciousness since the dawn of man; the confluence of Eastern and European Cultures, and the heritage of the French Revolution; the vibrant creativity of the work of Leonardo, Gaudí and Art Nouveau, without neglecting Surrealism, the Comic Art and the dark days from the Inquisition to the Berlin Wall.

At the end, the journey returns again to its starting point in the Equatorial jungle of the Amazon forest, where the native chant reminds us of the time up to 1550, when man still lived in his primeval state, in communion with the spiritual forces of Nature.




        Sound and Graphic Art: Edson Teixeira
Editor: Severino Dadá
        Sound Mixing/Final Editing: Fábio Durão
        Executive Producer: Helena Falcão
        Photography and Direction: Sérvulo Siqueira

Running Time: 172'